BOOK: The Art of Kabuki – Famous Plays in Performance

BOOK: The Art of Kabuki – Famous Plays in Performance

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“The Art of Kabuki – Famous Plays in Performance” by Samuel L. Leiter

7 well known scenes from 4 famous plays are presented in this book. Alongside transcriptions of each scene, translated into English with movement and musical co-ordination directions we are immersed in the enthralling entertainment these plays bring. With photographs from performances by each scenes’ most famous actors, we are drawn in to the plays’ most exciting moments.

  1. Benten Kozo
    • The Hamamatsu-ya Scene
    • The Mustering Scene
  2. Sugwara’s Secrets of Calligraphy
    • Pulling the Carriage Apart
    • The Village School
  3. Shunkan
    • The Scene on Devil’s Island
  4. Naozamurai
    • The Soba Shop Scene
    • The Oguchi Hostel Scene



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